Principal's Desk

I take pleasure in introducing Manikya Lal Varma Government College as a pioneer of higher education in Mewar. Today higher education is facing a number of challenges due to globalization, industrial revolution, advancement and adoption of new technologies etc. The need of the hour education system; to make it job-oriented and relevant so that it may meet the future challenges. The future of higher education seems to be quite uncertain, so efforts are being made in the college to strengthen the campus and make it more potent so that it may mould itself according to the needs of the present. The college makes effort to evolve the available basic facilities, services and equipments in such a way that the students find themselves well-equipped to meet the challenges. An institution well-equipped and well-settled in term of recent technological resources and innovative knowledge in itself is capable to impart a sense of thrill, content and pride.
Discipline, patience and commitment blended with self confidence and labour, is right path which leads us to success. To form the academic environment in the campus At the end I would like to sum-up with the following lines of Longfellow:

The height by great men reached and kept

Were not attained by sudden flight

But they, while their friends were sleeping

They were toiling upward in the night.

B. L. Malviya