Department of Zoology

Department of Zoology

(Established in 1959)
(Launching of PG classes in 1959)
  1. Name & Contact Number of Faculty Members in Position:
    Present No. of faculty members - 08 (Lecturers) + 01 (Principal)
    S. No. Name of
    faculty Members
    Qualification Specialization E-mail ID 
    & Telephone no.
    1 Dr. R.K. Sansi Ph.D. Fish Biology  
    2 Dr. Bhagwan Das Ph. D.    
    3 Dr. Anil Kumar Tripathi Ph. D. Cell Biology  
    4  Dr.Renuka Solanki  Ph.D    
    5 Smt. Farzana Ahmed M.Sc. M.Phil. Helminthology M-94137-04896
    6  Sri. Ashwini Kumar Joshi
     M. Sc.
    7  Sri. K. C. Nagar
    M. Sc.
  2. Courses offered by department:

             (A)    B.Sc. (Zoology, Chemistry, Botany) 
             (B)   M.Sc. (Zoology) 
                   M.Sc. (Zoology) Previous         No. of seats: 15

  3. Paper:
    1. Biosystematics, Taxonomy, Structure and Function of Invertebrates
    2. General Physiology and Bio-chemistry
    3. Molecular biology, Bio-technology and Techniques in Biology
    4. Quantitative Biology, Genetics and Evolution & Practical
    5. Biology of chordates and developmental Biology
    6. Ecology and Ethology
    7. Fish Biology/ Cell Biology
    8. Fish Biology/ Cell Biology & Practicals
  4. Laboratory facilities:
    1. Micro wave electronics
    2. Spectroscopy
    3. Nuclear physics
    4. Digital electronics
    5. General lab
  5. Areas of Research specialization:

    1 . Limnology ( Experimental ) 
    (Supervisor: Dr. R.K.Sansi )

  6. List of Ph.D awardees students:
    S.No. Name of student Topic Name of supervisor Year of award
    1 Dr.Anil Joshi Limnological study of 
    Meja Dam
    Dr. R.K.Sansi 2002