Department of mathematics

Department of Mathematics

(Established in 1959)
Launching of PG classes in 1981)
  1. Name & Contact Number of Faculty Members in Position:
    Present No. of faculty members - 04 (Lecturers)
    S. No. Name of
    faculty Members
    Qualification Specialization E-mail ID
    & Telephone no.
    1. Dr. Indubala Bapna M.Sc. Ph.D.(Maths) Fractional Calculus &
    special function
    2. Dr. T.S. Nahar M.Sc. Ph.D.(Maths) -- 9829793815
    3. Dr. R.K. Laddha M.Sc. Ph.D.(Maths) Spacial Function 9461178001
    4. Mrs. Nisha Mathur M.Sc. (Maths) ---- 9887754634
  2. Courses offered by department:
    (A) B.Sc - no of seats-       210
    (B) M.Sc/.M.A.- no of seats-         30
    Papers name (Prev.) 1. Advance Abstract Algebra
      2. Real and complex Analysis
      3. Differential Geometry and Tensors
      4. Special Functions and Integral Transforms
      5. Advance Optimization Techniques
    (Final) 1.Comp. I. Functional Analysis
      2.Comp. II. Differential And Integral Equations
      3.Opt. III. Numerical Methods
      4.Opt. V. Mathematical Statistics
      5.Opt. XI. Non Liner Program
  3. Areas of Research specialization: Special Function, Fractional Calculus
  4. List of Ph.D awardees:
    S.No. Name of scholar Specific area Name of supervisor Year of award
    1 Dr. I.B. Bapna Fractional Calculus Dr. R.K. Raina 2005
    2 Dr. T.S. Nahar Fractional Calculus --- 2000
    3 Dr. R.K. Ladha Special Function Dr. S.P. Goyal  
  5. Details of research grant received from different agencies during the last five years:
    Minor/Major Research Project
    S.No. Name of Investigator Title of the project Duration Funding Agency
    1. I.B. Bapna Investigation of some problems on 
    analytic function and fractional calculun 
    operators involving special function.
    March 04
    March 06
  6. List of Research Papers published during the Last five years.
    S. No. Name of Author Total No. of Papers No. of Papers in Last 5 Years
    1. Indubala Bapna 06 05
    2. T.S. Nahar 08 Nil
  7. Conferences attended by the faculty Members during last 5 years.
    S. No. Name Total No. of National 
    Conf. attended
    No. of Inter National 
    Conf. attended
    1. Dr. Indubala Bapna 01 02
  8. Distinction earned by faculty members: -
    Life members of Societies / Council
      S. No. Name of
      Faculty Member
      Societies/ Council Life Member-
      Ship No.
      1. Dr. Indubala Bapna Rajasthan Ganita Parished,
      Indian Mathematical Society
      74, 1757/2004
      2. Dr. T.S. Nahar Indian Mathematical Society  
      3. Mrs. Nisha Mathur R.G.P.  
      4. Dr. R.K. Laddha R.G.P.