Department of Geography

Department of Geography

(Established in 1959)
(Launching of PG classes in 1968)
  1. Name & Contact Number of Faculty Members in Position: 
    Present No. of faculty members - 13 (Lecturers) 
    S. No. Name of
    faculty Members
    Qualification Specialization E-mail ID 
    & Telephone no.
    1. Dr.G.P.Nagar M.A.Ph.D. Tribal Geography  
    2. Dr. Santosh Anand M.A.Ph.D. Poltical Geography  
    3. Dr. R.K. Chaturvedi
     4  Dr. R.S. Yadav  M.A.Ph.D.    
    5. Dr. V.K. Loyal M.Sc.Ph.D.    
    6. Dr.Manju Khandiya Ph. D.    
    7. Dr. Kumar Kartikaya M.A.M.Phil
    Enviornmental Geography  
    8. Dr. S.K. Jangid M.A Ph.D. Res. Geography  
    9. Sh. R.S.Chauhan M.A.    
    10. Dr. Kashmir Bhatt Ph. D.    



  2. Courses offered by department: (A) M.Sc./M.A. (Geography) 
    M.Sc. (Geography) Previous, No. of seats: 40
    Papers :
    1. 1.Evolution of geographical thoughts
    2. Structural & dynamic Geography
    3. Principal &Theory of Economic Geography
    4. Geography of Environment Practical& Practical
    M.Sc. (Geography) Final,  No. of seats: 40
    1. Advanced Geography of India
    2. Urban Geography
    3. Agricultural Geography/ Statistics in Geography
    4. Political Geography & Practical
  3. Geographical Association
    The R.G.A. is the oldest state level geographical association in India, which has now assumed a national status. It was formed in 1965 at the time of 1st academic conference of Rajasthan geographers, organized by the department of Geography, M.L.V.Govt.College , Bhilwara, which later on become the permanent headquarter of the R.G.A. It’s life membership numbers to 373 spreading over the length and breadth of the country. The association was registered (no. 37/1971-72) in 1971 under the Rajasthan Societies Acts, 1958. Its monogram was designed and adopted with three keywords-Maru, Meru & Mal i.e. desert, mountain& plateau, which not only surmises the geography of Rajasthan but also reveals the cultural patterns associated with three major types of natural landscape of the state.Bhilwara had witnessed 05 conferences of RGA (1965,1968, 1980,1989 & 1996) and the 35th conference is going to take place at this college in Jan 2008. 

    RGA at a glance

    Headquarter M.L.V.Govt.College, Bhilwara
    Membership 373
    Membership fee life time Rs 100/-
    Annual/ ordinary Rs 100/-
    Institutional Rs 2000 /-
    Annual Publication 'The annuals of the Raj. Geographical Association'
    Proceedings of conference Geographical Aspects
    Adderess The RGA Department of Geography
    M.L.V.Govt.College, Bhilwara